Inspira Exchange Treasury Management Token - IXTM

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The IXTM provides a return for members holding reserves in their Inspira Crypto Exchange account.

IXTM members have the opportunity to earn returns as high as 10-15%. Reserves are not loaned out to third parties.

These reserves will be actively traded across a range of strategies and opportunities to develop income while preserving the reserve capital. The profits from the reserves will be used for the operational and capital expenditure alongside revenues generated from our day to day business.

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Process of IXTM

  • The IXTM is a yield bearing token for Inspira members who have deposits on the Inspira Crypto Exchange (ICX)
  • Members with capital on deposit in their ICX wallets can now gain a potential 10-15% per calendar month on the deposits.
  • The IXTM locks up the capital used to purchase it, for 6-month periods.
  • The IXTM may be purchased any time during the 6-month lock up period.
  • Previous period IXTM owners are offered first option to roll their IXTM to the next 6-month lock in period
  • At the end of the 6-month lock up period the capital used to purchase the IXTM is returned to the Inspira Member.
  • Unlike other yield bearing crypto products the IXTM is based on trading the assets through a tried and tested algorithm previously used in the emerging market FX markets and some other volatile FX currencies such as Canada.
  • The ITXM fund is limited to $500,000USD to prevent the fund potentially influencing the markets it trades in. Post the first six-month lock in an analysis will define whether the IXTM will increase in size or remain the same.
  • Profits from the IXTM are disbursed with in 15 days of the end of each month to the members and holders of the token.
  • Profits are disbursed in USDT directly to the members wallets.
  • The IXTM is only open to Inspira Wealth members

The reserves will be split across a range of risk and time horizons to provide the best returns for the treasury. The products will range from an index fund using derivatives overlay, external and internal investments and some lending. The ratios of each will vary according to market conditions.

Inspira will open the IXTM fund to purchasers of the Inspira Token.

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