Launching The World's First Solar Yacht Fleet

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A Sustainable Holiday For Inspira Members And Guests

Tourism is one of the largest polluters on the planet. Whilst a wholesale change is not possible without changing the fundamentals of the industry, we have identified an opportunity to supply the high-end tourism market with a low carbon-emitting opportunity.

The use of solar yachts as a starting point allows us to provide unique experiences across the Mediterranean and Caribbean, followed by other regions across the globe. Thanks to an innovative propulsion solution, the eco-friendly catamarans combine maximum fuel savings, minimum maintenance and ultra-silent motion. The technology provides higher margins, reduced costs & 20% + ROI.

Inspira Yachts is a multistage fund that seeks out eco-friendly opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries. As Portfolio Managers scramble to invest in carbon reducing projects, Inspira Yachts will provide innovative and robust projects to satisfy compulsory ESG investment mandates.

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Ecotourism is now enabled by advances in technology


A breathtaking income generating asset


The future of luxury cruising is now a reality

"You’re running a silent boat. You don’t have the smell of diesel fumes or the vibrations and rumblings of a diesel engine. You get to smell the salty air and hear the waves slap against the hull of the boat. You can actually hear dolphins splashing in the water. You not only get to enjoy this incredible scenery and enjoy nature in all of its majesty, you get to know that you’re leaving it the way it was when you came."

(Boyd Taylor Serenity Yachts, Jan 2021)

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