Inspira Venture Capital

We are dedicated lead investors in disruptive funding based around our own Gross Revenue Share Security.

Our aim is to support the new economy of digital and technology-based businesses, while offering a highly efficient alternative to traditional funding methods for all businesses.

Inspira Venture Capital will invest exclusively in Gross Revenue Share Security (GRSS) – a tokenised security returning a gross revenue share to its investors. This strategy allows entrepreneurs to raise capital without equity dilution, debt or interest obligations, whilst providing early-stage investors a return as soon as revenue is generated.

Whilst this model works particularly well for web 3.0 technology, we are sector agnostic and will consider any strong business case, particularly focused on ESG investments.

Inspira’s in-house business advisory team is responsible for conducting extensive due diligence and consultancy services prior to selection by our investment committee to ensure that all portfolio companies fully satisfy our investment criteria.

"Equity is an important source of funding but it cannot fulfil market demand because it is scarce, expensive, and dilutive to entrepreneurs"