The Unique Utility
Token Investment


Connect wealth opportunities with lifestyle possibilities and create your own portfolio across our funds.

Inspira Wealth is the world’s first tokenised wealth management club, offering users access to a suite of innovative and traditional financial and lifestyle products on an agile digital platform.

Inspira will inspire by investing in ecologically sound, socially responsible and ethical technologies which will advance humanity and the environment. Our investors will benefit financially from the global transition to new technologies and from an improved environment resulting from those investments.

Invest in our IXTM Fund and let us manage your portfolio for you, sourcing the best opportunities and returns for your needs. Your IXTM Fund units will also be available to trade.

A Digital Investment Ecosystem

We have used the very latest digital technology to bring you access to a full range of financial products and services, on one simple, convenient platform.


What Can You Access
Within The Inspira Wealth Club?

We have created a diverse range of investment products, managed by a high-calibre team of investment professionals.

We offer a unique combination of new and innovative investment products, as well as the opportunity to invest in more traditional assets.

eFolio Digital Portfolio

Inspira Portfolio Management Tools

Inspira Exchange

Crowdfunding Platform


Inspira Connect

Inspira Classic Car Fund

Inspira Yachts

Inspira House Fund

Our Inspira Rewards Club and community is built around inspiring its members through investment and lifestyle opportunities.

Inspira Wealth allows all its members to benefit from the clubs’ success with a full suite of products and partnerships.

Inspira Token

The Inspira token is the utility token that powers the Inspira Wealth Ecosystem.

How Does The Inspira Token Reward The Inspira Wealth Club Members?

Spend your fiat or crypto anywhere and access discounts in Inspira Wealth's Partner Program.

How Do You Gain Access To The Inspira Wealth Club?

(Membership is Complimentary)

Digital, Rapid and Simple

From joining Inspira to investing in less than 30 minutes (subject to your due diligence)

US clients accepted - invest via our US platform through your pension.
UK clients - invest via your SIPP (conditions apply).


Issuance 300,000,000 21,000,000
Reward Component 60,000,000 4,200,000
Total 360,000,000 $ 25,200,000
Private Sale 50,000,000 3,500,000
Public Sale 100,000,000 7,000,000
Total 150,000,000 $ 10,500,000
AUM Bonus 30,000,000 3,000,000
Treasury & Reserves 100,806,952.70 7,056,486.689
Advisor 28,571,428.57 2,000,000
Staff, Founders, Investors 7,764,475.87 543,513.3109