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The Hunt for Red October

Inflation is back. It has been a relatively benign factor in our lives since the GFC. Now it’s here and getting ready to inflict a recession in a way not seen since the GFC and further back to the late eighties, early nineties. Inflation is, however, a symptom of a wide variety of inputs into the global economy. Like any symptom, the only way to deal with it is to understand the causes.

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Inspira Wealth Announce Partnership with Grow
27/07/2022 Admin

Inspira Wealth are pleased to announce a partnership with Grow to launch their Revenue Share Token.

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Inspira Wealth Announces the Constitution of its Board and Executive Team
25/07/2022 Admin

Inspira Wealth are pleased to announce that the Board and Executive team are now in place.

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Inspira Wealth AG Announce a New Concept in Token Capital Raising - The GRST
04/07/2022 Admin

Inspira Wealth AG Announce a New Concept in Token Capital Raising and Immediately Raise over £2m.

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How can I Invest Sustainably?
21/06/2022 Admin

Sustainable investing, also known as socially responsible or ethical investing, favours investments that improve both our society and the environment.

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Inspira Announces Next Phase of Growth
06/06/2022 Admin

Inspira Wealth SA Suisse is proud to announce the appointment of John Sears as CEO of Inspira Venture Capital. Inspira Venture Capital will soon announce two major strategies for evolving the crypto markets and introduce a new style of investment to the market.

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One Potential Solution to Crypto Market Challenges
03/06/2022 Admin

This article is meant as a follow on to the recent article concerning the current state of the crypto markets by Inspira Wealth CEO VJ Angelo. While remaining an educational piece, we apologise for the unashamed promotion of what Inspira believes is one of many likely solutions to the problems in the crypto markets.

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The 101 on Inspira Wealth
24/05/2022 Admin

Described by City AM as ‘the solution that is going to positively impact the way investors think and act with their portfolios’, Inspira Wealth offers sustainably-minded wealth management and investment for the digital age.

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There is a fundamental flaw in the crypto economy
24/05/2022 Admin

In 2018, I joined the growing ranks of crypto entrants. I was driven there looking for a technology solution for a major problem in the Fixed Income Futures markets. During that time, I was fortunate to witness both the peak and crash of the crypto and ICO markets during that time. I say “fortunate” as the experiences were very enlightening in terms of learning how the market was operating in those days.

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Inspira Wealth Completes Purchase of Flore Capital Geneva
04/05/2022 Admin

Inspira Wealth are pleased to announce the completion of the purchase of Flore Capital SA Geneva, as the next phase of its development. Flore Capital will provide Inspira with the foundation of a full Alternative Investment Fund Manager, amongst other services, in Switzerland. Flore Capital, to be renamed Inspira Wealth, will become the parent company for the Inspira Group of companies.

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Inspira Wealth is named the title sponsor for Ruairi Bell in the British Rally Championship.
20/04/2022 Admin

The team commits to carbon neutrality and, further, becoming, Climate Positive. Ruairi Bell is pleased to announce Inspira Wealth as his lead sponsor for the 2022 British Rally Championship in the BRC1 class. As part of the partnership, the rally team will be rebranded Inspira Rally Team, sponsored by Inspira Wealth.

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Inspira Digital Wealth Club launch Inspira Asset Management Luxembourg and Purchase Flore Capital SA Switzerland
01/03/2022 Admin

Inspira Digital Wealth Club, formed by the team from LDX, are happy to announce the imminent launch of Inspira Asset Management Luxembourg (Inspira AM).

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