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Inspira CLASSIC car fund

The Inspira Classic Car
Fund Is Defined By Competitive Advantages

Expert knowledge

Digitized provenance on the blockchain

Regulatory infrastructure

Inspira House storage and restoration

Best performance asset class in 40 years

An established fund with the right strategies can
create returns up to 25% or more per annum.

Inspira CLASSIC car fund

Blockchain Technology

Potential Annual Returns

Group: 20 - 30%
Segment: up to 300%


As part of our ESG / S.E.E ethos, The Inspira Classic cars will be housed with carbon neutrality in mind. The workshops and storage facilities will take advantage of the local geothermal, solar and wind energies as well as efficient water conservation to reduce reliance on more carbon intensive energy sources to reduce not only our carbon footprint but to ensure our positive impact on the local community.

The benefits of
blockchain technology

With cars of this calibre, history and provenance are of paramount importance. All the cars in the Inspira Classic Car collection maintain a digital record service history along with other key details including track records and awards. Meaning provenance, proof of ownership and governance for each Inspira Classic Car vehicle is ensured.

An Investment That Outperforms

Our Fund Manager Says

"With our aim of maximising returns for investors,
we will also be looking to reduce operating costs
by converting some cars to green energy, where it
is economically advantageous."

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