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  • Earn interest – deposit INSPIRA Tokens with our treasury to earn between 12-16% per annum
  • Spend – discounts when used to pay for goods and services at Inspira businesses
  • Earn – rewards for members in INSPIRA Tokens when buying goods and services at Inspira businesses
  • Invest – use INSPIRA Tokens to invest in Inspira funds
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Invest With Our Funds

INSPIRA in partnership with the LDX companies has adopted a policy of S.E.E. Impact Investment (Sustainable, Environmental, Ethical), to help improve the world we live in through the investment and partnership choices we make.

Brooklands Fund

Investing in the best performing asset class of the last 40 years: Historic, Classic, Modern Classic Road and Race Cars.

Solaris Fund

investing in Ecotourism. Solaris will look to help reduce the carbon footprint of one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

Inspira House Fund

Inspira House fund is a opportunity for members to invest in and profit out of their participation in a private club. associated with a asset and wealth manager.

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