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The GRST is a new type of capital raise security aimed at addressing some of the issues within the crypto and token economy. It is equally, a useful tool for more traditional raises.

Revenue Share is not a new concept being commonly used in the music, film, infrastructure, and US Municipal Bond markets. However, the GRST is the first time a security has been provided in a standard form as a tradable alternative to tokens, equity or debt.

For the crypto community it provides the Token advantages of no dilution or debt. For the Token investor it provides a real return outside the appreciation of the Token price.

The GRST is very careful to protect investor rights by clearly defining the Revenue Share in the Security. We prevent the reallocation of revenue to avoid the issuer not performing, by defining all majority or fully owned subsidiaries as part of the Revenue Share Generation. The GRST also has a very strict reporting regime to ensure transparency of revenue and returns.

To add value to the investor we define any part or full sale as well as IPO as a Revenue Share Event. Additionally, we define any liquidation as a Revenue Share Event to ensure the investor can recover some of their investment in the event of a failure of the business.

These are just a few of the precautions added to the GRST to ensure the investment meets our high standards of investor protection and ensure returns are the best possible outcome for all parties.

The ROI of a Revenue Funding Token is a relatively simple thing to calculate. The Revenue Share percentage generates a cash sum return. The cash sum divided by the amount invested provides a percentage rate of return to the investor. The gross return calculated on the full Revenue Share by the full amount invested will equal each individual investors ROI as they receive a pro rata share of the revenue based on the level of their investment in the pool of capital raised.

Each month the issuer provides its management accounts for verification of revenue on a private GRST owner only portal provided by Inspira. The Gross Revenue Share token is then placed in the issuer distribution account in the Inspira Fireblocks Walled Garden.

Each quarter the Revenue Share is distributed to the identified owners of the GRST for the issuer on the defined date and time within the security.

At the end of each financial year audited accounts are provided to verify the previous year’s Gross Revenue Share Token. In the next quarterly revenue distribution, the Gross Revenue Share Token is rebalanced to consider the audited accounts.

The Gross Revenue Share Token is distributed to the GRST owners Stable Coin wallet on the Inspira Platform.

The GRST is a fully tradable Token on the Inspira Security Exchange (ISX) based in Singapore. This allows the GRST to behave similarly to a listed equity. The value of the GRST can be easily calculated by monitoring the performance of a company via its gross revenue generation.

As a digital Token, access to the platform is relatively easy with the trading and settlement process rapid and easy to understand.

Company A seeks to raise $10M for their new expansion.

After analysis of the revenue projections and the company’s market sector the agreed terms are:

  • Instrument: Negotiable Gross Revenue Share Token
  • Capital Raise amount: $10,000,000
  • Revenue sharing percentage: 10% gross revenue, paid quarterly
  • Assumption first quarter gross revenue is $5,000,000
In the first quarter, the unaudited accounts show a gross revenue of $5,000,000. The Revenue Share is calculated as 10% x $5,000,000 = $500,000. This amount is held in trust, and payable to the investors by way of negotiable Digital Revenue Share Tokens (GRST) via a private blockchain (or DLT). This cycle continues in perpetuity and revenue share payments continue to be made to Digital Token holders.

The ROI in this example is ($500,000 / $10,000,000) *100 = 5% for this quarter

The primary benefit of a revenue sharing investment is that its structure allows participants to focus on shared success. Management and new investors are fully aligned towards generating sustainable revenue. The profitability of a company then becomes the motivation of the management out of the revenue.

Variable Payments to Investor

In comparison to a typical debt structure where a fixed interest rate is charged, revenue sharing takes a % of a company’s gross revenue. The payments will match the potential cyclical nature of revenues.

No Equity Dilution

For existing equity holders, a revenue sharing agreement protects the shareholder as there is no dilution of equity, no matter how much new capital is raised.

When it comes to funding, there are two dominant options: equity and debt. In equity-based financing, investors fund a business in exchange for equity shares in the company and normally receive a return through dividends, acquisition, or an IPO.

Debt financing is less flexible and impacts your balance sheet.

Equities Debt GRST
Voting Power on Major Issues
No Equity Dilution
Right to Transfer Ownership
Entitlement to Dividends
Interest payments
Share of Company Revenue
Secondary Market Trading
Exit Strategy
Inspira Wealth and all its subsidiaries now and in the future will participate in the GRST Revenue Generation. The current revenue generation companies are as follows. These also include companies in the pipeline.

  • Inspira Wealth SA
  • Inspira Asset Management Luxembourg
    • Inspira Classic Car Fund
    • Inspira Yacht Fund
    • Inspira House Fund
    • Inspira Venture Capital
    • Inspira Advisory
  • Inspira Wealth UK Limited
  • Inspira Wealth SA Decentralised Securities Exchange
  • Inspira Crypto Exchange Singapore (ICX)
  • Inspira Securities Exchange Singapore (ISX)
  • Inspira Wealth UAE
  • Inspira Wealth USA

The Revenue Generating Streams are as follows.

  • Investment Advisory
  • Corporate Advisory
    • Token Structure Advisory
    • Revenue Funding Security
  • Token Regulation Advisory
  • Technical implementation
  • Capital raising success fees
    • Inspira Wealth SA
  • Asset Management fees
  • Asset management success fees
  • Crypto Exchange trading fees
  • Securities Exchange Trading Fees
Those familiar with the Inspira Utility Token economics will be aware there was a substantial amount of utility built into the economics. The advantages of digital assets are that they can perform multiple functions in the same security or token. As a result, Inspira will offer most of the same utility in the GRST as the Inspira Utility Token.

The GRST will offer a 20% discount when used to pay for goods and services in the Inspira Network.


  • Inspira Yacht Charter
  • Inspira Classic Car hire
  • Accommodation at Inspira House Boutique Hotels
  • Payment for fees and services at any Inspira company
Note: Due to the nature of the GRST generation as a reward for Inspira members using Inspira services or goods is not possible. Nor is investment in the Inspira Funds.

The GRST joins a product base of Inspira Tokens that enable an agile easy to use system of investments offering clients the ability to easily invest and just as easily manage their investments via the Inspira Wealth ecosystem.

Our products are designed to be problem solving, innovative, easy to use and enable our clients to create, grow and manage their wealth on one platform.

Inspira Wealth SA will offer Three Million GRST in a private placement with a perpetual revenue share of Five Percent 5% of Gross Revenue Generated by Inspira Wealth and its subsidiaries.

The GRST will be valued at One Great Britain Pound (£1.00 GBP) at issuance. The GRST can be purchased via the GRST Purchase Agreement via the Inspira Wealth Platform – www.inspirawealth.com, members dashboard.

Expected ROI 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Annualised 8.66% 22.15% 32.62% 40.15% 35.69%
Group Costs Millions 0.919 1.665 2.310 2.253 2.404
Revenue Millions 3.64 12.979 16.436 18.078 20.617
Revenue Millions 0.182 0.649 0.822 0.904 1.034
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