The 101 on Inspira Wealth


Described by City AM as ‘the solution that is going to positively impact the way investors think and act with their portfolios’, Inspira Wealth offers sustainably-minded wealth management and investment for the digital age. 

But what is it that sets us apart? Here’s the 101. 

It’s more than wealth management. It’s a lifestyle. 

We’re different to other wealth management firms. Whilst others outsource services, adding time delays and complexities, we provide a wide range of accessible services under one umbrella. From Advisory to Asset Management to Exchanges, our fully integrated digital solution delivers a range of dependable funds that focus on Sustainable, Ethical and Environmental impact investments. We also invite our members to actively use the assets in which they invest, meaning our members and their families benefit from exclusive access to a range of tangible experiences. 

So how does it work? 

Inspira Wealth is home to the world's first tokenised wealth management club. Members purchase Inspira Tokens, a digital currency that powers the Inspira Wealth network, which in turn can be used to unlock access to special discounts and rewards, as well as returns by investing tokens into one of our funds or yield products. 

For example, you can enjoy*: 

  • Up to 20% off the cost of classic car vehicle hire, or charter of our Inspira yachts 

  • Member rates at our exclusive country clubhouses nestled in the countryside or mountains 

  • Discounts on sustainable holidays across the Mediterranean and the Caribbean 

Inspira Tokens can also be used within our IXTM Fund. Simply deposit your tokens to receive a yield in stable coins over differing periods - you can expect yields to range from 12-16%, depending on the time deposited and the number of tokens placed.  

Funds to future-proof your wealth. 

From the classic to the cutting edge, we offer a unique combination of investment products and assets. Let’s take a closer look. 

Inspira Classic Car Fund 

Our Classic Car Fund invests in the opportunities offered in the classic car market. Through a combination of expert knowledge, digitised provenance, regulatory infrastructure, and an intention to invest in green energy, we aim to maximise returns for our investors.  

Inspira Yacht Fund 

Solaris is a multistage fund that seeks eco-friendly opportunities in the global tourism and hospitality industries. As portfolio managers across the sector scramble to invest in carbon-reducing projects that satisfy ESG investment mandates, the Inspira Yacht Fund will provide innovative and robust ventures for our investors. In addition, we intend to launch our fleet of cutting-edge solar and hydrogen yachts for charter to our members. 

Inspira House Fund 

Our Inspira House Fund represents an exclusive collection of country residences, providing boutique boltholes for our members and their guests. 

With a focus on nurturing talent within nearby communities, we place great emphasis on supporting local, seasonal, less travelled produce from trusted farmers, vineyards, bakers and butchers. Members will also be able to enjoy access to a selection of Inspira’s classic cars on-site, as well as our planned chalets and beach clubs. The aim is to ensure a return on our investment whilst providing a memorable experience for our members. 

IXTM Fund 

Our IXTM Fund harnesses the cash reserves of business revenues generated from within the Inspira group. 

These reserves will be actively traded across a range of strategies and opportunities to develop income while preserving the reserve capital. Profits from the reserves will be used for the operational and capital expenditure, alongside revenues generated from our day-to-day business. 

Our commitment to our investors, and our planet. 

Underpinning all that we do at Inspira Wealth is our model of ‘S.E.E. The Impact of Your Investment’ policy. 

Simply put, it’s our commitment to helping improve the world we live in through the investment and partnership choices we make. From geothermal heating projects to solar and hydrogen powered yachts and the promotion of responsible ecotourism, the decisions behind our products and investment offerings are driven by an emphasis on the Sustainable, Ethical and Environmental.  

An accessible, and responsible, way to invest. 

One of our principal philosophies here at Inspira Wealth is accessibility for all. We seek to help those who are just starting out in investing or those inexperienced in digital markets make the right decisions for their financial future. 

Inspira Associate Member 

Our Inspira Associate Membership is ideally suited to first-time investors. Associate Members have limited access to their investment products, providing space to build knowledge and understanding, whilst mitigating the risks investors can face in an often-complex market.  

Inspira Member 

Experienced or professional investors can opt for the full Inspira Membership, which offers access to our full range of fund investment opportunities, products and services. 

Joining is free, and quick – you could be investing in as little as 10 minutes. 

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you invest, grow your wealth and inspire your lifestyle today. 

*When paying in full using Inspira Tokens and asset availability 

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