Inspira Wealth SA & EBK GP Series Announce Partnership on Gross Revenue Share Security Private Placement


The EBK GP Series is launching a new World Championship for E-Bike racing. EBK GP joins championships such as Formula E, Moto E and Extreme E on the world stage of electrically powered competition.

EBK GP is motivated by two driving factors in launching this championship:

  • Growth in awareness of E-Bikes as an electric vehicle solution in cities for transport, reducing carbon emissions and supporting active micro-mobility.
  • The long-known fact that competition improves technology.

Combining the excitement and spectacle of bicycle races such as the Tour De France final stage in Paris, triathlon bicycle stages and velodrome events, EBK GP will bring high-speed racing to cities around the world.

The electrical aspect will provide an added tactical dimension as riders pedal to charge their batteries then drain the power for their chosen periods to provide a speed advantage over their competitors. Like most bicycle races EBK GP will be a team event adding further tactical choices throughout the races.

The electric nature of the E-Bikes adds a strategic dimension to the short-form racing, with the inclusion of Power Zones and their gradients challenging riders to deploy energy to scale more quickly than their rivals. The management of energy is the key to success with the associated three-rider team format also playing its part.

Each team, which is required to run male and female outfits, will be run and partially owned by a world-renowned sports personality, with some owners also riding in the races.

EBK GP will be adding several new and unique aspects to the race series in the coming years to engage with its fans and spectators by involving them in the championship and with their chosen teams. These will include eSports and a digital ecosystem.

As part of the development of the championship, EBK GP has partnered with Inspira Wealth as its Digital Finance Partner. Inspira will work with Cube and EBK GP to provide an immersive experience using the latest financial and fan-based digital technology to ensure spectators and fans can enjoy the series in a variety of ways. The opportunities will include the use of NFTs and utility tokens to get the best out of their EBK GP experience.

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