Inspira Wealth Launches YouTube Channel with Expert Round Table


Inspira Wealth are opening their YouTube channel with a video of a round table populated by industry experts from traditional finance and the digital world.

The round table will be a free-flowing discussion around our three-main topics followed by some topics close to the heart of our attendees.

Held in the private dining room of Frescobaldi in Mayfair, the discussion will cover:

The state of the world economy: Are we heading to a recession or are we already there?

The state of the crypto market: How does it play into a recession?

The future of digitisation: Can it help in a recession?

Our industry experts include:

abrdn Luke Hickmore
Finery Markets Konstantin Shulga
Tabula Capital Francesco Romano
Kaiko Sarah Young
Eximius Nick Harrington
Inspira Wealth Vj Angelo


The Inspira YouTube channel will will cover a wide range of topics and lifestyle interests, from the economy, finance and investing to motor sport and ecology, fine wines and foods.

As Inspira grows its presence and investments, the channel will provide content in each investment and its lifecycle as well as its performance.

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