Inspira Continues Its Gross Revenue Share Token Roll Out


Inspira Wealth is close to finalising the private placement of their own GRST issuance with the recent partnership and investment by Bloctech. Alongside the Inspira GRST, the interest in using the model as both a means of raising capital and investing has grown substantially

Inspira Advisory, headed by CEO Sam Hourigan and supported by Head of Research Deljfina Andoni, now have a growing pipeline of businesses under review for suitability to use the GRST. Meanwhile John Sears, CEO of Inspira Venture Capital, has been cultivating and educating a growing pool of investors for both Inspira VC and as direct investors into various businesses. The combination of Inspira and Bloctech’s business approaches to the GRST ensures the best possible outcome for companies and investors alike.

The GRST was launched after a four-year development to offer an alternative to equity, debt and utility tokens. With no dilution or debt and an easy to understand and monitor return on investment, the GRST model provides a viable and promising addition to capital raising. The security token will be offered both on OTC and Inspira’s own security exchange in Singapore, providing a liquid market for those wishing to manage exposure, invest post the STO or exit at a suitable time. Inspira is engaging with a number of liquidity providers, with an initial firm already committing to join the market.

For each issuing firm, Inspira will provide a web page presenting key data to inform investors and traders on their approach to the market. The data will include monthly, quarterly and annual revenue figures, each mapped to company projections and providing an indication of the company’s ability to hit its targets. Key announcements, staff changes and market sector information will also be provided.

Jeremy Gonske, BlocTech Investment Group Managing Director

"We've seen many cycles and unique challenges throughout our involvement in the blockchain and Web3 applications space, but our vision hasn’t shifted - to create positive global impact, helping shape the future through meaningful investments, cultivating and developing change leaders and founders in the blockchain and Web3 technology space. Innovation will continue to drive the growth of this sector, revolutionizing how we exchange value, transfer ownership, verify transactions with trust and transparency, and improve overall privacy and data security. We believe that the GRST model is part of that innovation with a simple and straight-forward way to quantify potential investor returns while providing founders yet another vehicle for capital raising. We fully intend to promote the GRST model to incubation projects within our portfolio to help meet their ongoing financial needs."

Sam Hourigan, Inspira CEO Advisory

“When we first introduced our GRST structure to the market in 2019/20, we had no way of predicting the global crisis that would take the world's attention. As we push through the impacts of the pandemic years and into the economic aftermath, it is far clearer that predictable yet scalable returns from investments are what the market wants. The GRST structure, applied with well-vetted and analysed businesses, offers just that. We're very excited to bring this product back to the market at a time when it is needed most.”

John Sears, CEO Inspira Venture Capital

“The GRST model provides a desirable option for start-ups raising capital and a diversifying asset class for investors, which can be well suited for navigating the uncertain macro-outlook we are facing. The combination of highly vetted and growth orientated companies, a quarterly revenue share distribution and tradeable securities to provide optionality for both sides has already gained significant interest from our network of institutional and accredited investors. Inspira VC will invest exclusively in GRST opportunities.”

For those companies wishing to learn more about how the GRST works as a capital raising tool, please follow this link -

For those investors wishing to learn how the GRST works as an investment tool and how the Inspira VC will operate, please follow one of these links -

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