Inspira Wealth Announces Opening of Swiss Headquarters


Inspira Wealth are pleased to announce the opening of its Swiss Headquarters as of mid - August 2022.

Inspira has spent the last four months completing the purchase of Flore Capita SA Geneva, renaming and repatriating the firm to Zurich. With the corporate actions now complete, the final phase of moving all regulated operations to Zurich will take place in mid-August. Staff will repatriate or be added to the headcount in Switzerland, strengthening our ability to execute the business plan and service our partners and clients.

The choice of Switzerland as our headquarters was based on the forward looking and innovative approach of the regulators and legislators to new technologies and products, while maintaining a robust view on investor protection.

Inspira Wealth Zurich will oversee all the operations of Inspira’s global offices for regulated and unregulated activities, including Inspira Asset Management Luxembourg, Inspira Securities Exchange (ISX) Singapore, Inspira Wealth Dubai, Inspira Wealth London, and Inspira Wealth USA.

A key part of the transition to Switzerland has been to constitute the board. Inspira have chosen industry leading members across the key fields we will be focussing on. Our board members will be able to ensure the best possible governance, oversight and business plan execution for our investors, members, and clients.


Executive Chairman & Group CEO – Vj Angelo, Founder

History - VJ has over 35 years of financial markets experience across fixed income, listed derivatives, exchange market infrastructure, regulation and capital raising. Over the last four years he has become immersed in the development of Blockchain and Smart Contract applications to real world solutions across, markets, products, regulation and trading in both traditional finance and the new economy.

Chief Marketing Officer – Duncan Bendall

History – Duncan is a commercially orientated executive with a successful global track record in digital, advertising, media, marketing, and sales. He has over 25 years of strong experience in the broader media landscape, digital, technology and mobile sector.
Responsibilities – Oversee and execute the marketing of the group and each division.

CEO Inspira Venture Capital – John Sears

History – John is an experienced financial professional with a background in (U)HNW private wealth management in Geneva, followed by building blockchain Venture Capital firm MoonBoots Capital up to an AUM of circa $100m in 2020/21.
Responsibilities – Oversee the capital raise and then deployment of that capital into the Inspira Gross Revenue Share Token. Work with the Advisory team to ensure the best possible investment opportunities and structure

Chief Compliance Officer – Michele Landtwing Leupi, MME Advocates

History – Michele Landtwing Leupi is a Legal Partner at MME and an expert in complex compliance cases, internal investigations, and regulatory matters. She advises companies in the authorization process and other requests to be submitted to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). As an external compliance officer, she has been working for fund management companies and asset managers for many tears. Prior to joining MME, she worked at a medium-sized commercial law firm in Zurich.
Responsibilities – Oversee the Swiss compliance obligations and advise on group compliance and risk structures

Non-Executive Director – Markus Spillman

History - With a background in law from the University of Zurich, Markus worked for almost 20 years in his privately owned Family Office before joining Sielva Management AG, a family office-like service provider for corporations and foundations. He has a vast experience in Foundation Management and Blockchain Projects with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship. He sits on various boards of renowned blockchain and crypto companies.
Responsibilities – As our Swiss native Markus’ main responsibility is to ensure the smooth transition and ongoing interaction with the Swiss firms and regulators supporting Inspira Wealth

Non-Executive Director – Stuart Heath

History - Stuart is based in the UK Representative Office of Deutsche Börse AG where he covers Eurex Groups derivatives business focusing on development of Eurex equity and index derivative products. Stuart’s area of responsibility is specifically the introduction of new derivatives product to migrate OTC derivatives into the cleared and exchange traded environment.
Responsibilities – Stuart’s long history and knowledge of exchange operations and products will be invaluable as Inspira develops out its Crypto and Securities Exchange strategies.

Non-Executive Director – James Davies, Founder

History – With a long history in Fin Tech with several successful exits, James formerly ran Product Management for Cantor Fitzgerald and ran Sales and Marketing for Trayport. Most recently he has been CFO for one of the world’s largest ICOs and CEO for a crypto poker business.
Responsibilities – James’ knowledge of the business and the technology it requires will help ensure that Inspira remains at the forefront of development and tech delivery.

Non-Executive Director – Nick Harrington

History – Nick is an experienced founder with a focus on scaling and advising businesses across the financial services and technology. He has been involved in the blockchain space since 2015.
Responsibilities – Nicks early adoption and penetration of the crypto markets will ensure that Inspira and its teams have the best possible access and distribution to the crypto market players.

Chief Administrative Officer – Ana Maria Aver

History – Ana Maria has an MBA in Finance and Banking and a background in PR, marketing, and event management. She joined Inspira Wealth in 2020 where she’s presently working as Head of Operations.
Responsibilities – Anamaria will oversee all the aspects of the administrative side of each office’s operations, finance, and human resources.

Inspira Yachts PM – Charles O’Neil

History – Charles has recently been working with startups to gain pre-seed and seed funding. Before this he spent eight years delivering innovation projects for the HCL/Deutsche Bank Fintech lab. He has an MBA from Imperial College London focused on Innovation Management, High tech Strategy and Corporate Finance.
Responsibilities – To oversee the raise and deployment of capital for the Inspira Yachts business. To develop the strategy for the long term and ensure its smooth execution

Inspira House PM – Chris Berney

History – Chris is a finance professional with over 20 years’ experience in capital markets as a banker and trader in London & Frankfurt with Dresdner Kleinwort, HK. He has been involved in real estate, private equity and tech for the last 9 years.
Responsibilities – To oversee the raise and deployment of capital for the Inspira House Fund. To develop the strategy and ensure its smooth execution.

Head of Research – Deljfina Andoni

History – Educated in China and Japan, Deljfina has a research background in Cognitive Science. She is a Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast who is interested in monetary and distributed systems innovation, particularly cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Responsibilities – Deljfina will put her considerable history and skills to use heading our research department across all aspects of the Inspira Group.

Executive Chairman VJ Angelo commented post the Board Constitution: ” We are very pleased to see such faith in the Inspira business by so many highly qualified individuals. As a team I believe we will function very well together to create a truly unique and valuable business for our customers, clients, and investors.”

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