Inspira Wealth Announce Partnership with Grow


Inspira Wealth are pleased to announce a partnership with Grow to launch their Revenue Share Token.

Having assessed numerous options to raise capital in the current economic climate for both traditional raises and those in the crypto world, Grow decided the best option to suit their requirements and those of their potential investor is the GRST.

Grow is a strong revenue generating business with an ambition to increase their current revenues and add business lines augmenting the income flows. As a result, Grow is an ideal opportunity for investors looking to receive investment returns in a growing difficult global economy.

The GRST has been developed over the last four years to offer alternatives to equity, debt and ICO/IEO capital raising. The Digital Security provides advantages to both the investor and issuer, depending on the requirements of each. With no dilution or debt and with a return based on the gross revenue rather than dividends or interest, or almost no return in the ICO/IEO market beyond capital appreciation, the GRST provides a useful alternative.

As part of the sophisticated nature of the GRST structure both investor and issuer protection were at the forefront of its development. Secondary markets will play a strong role in the management of the investor’s portfolio, exposure and exit. Being a Digital security on the Near Blockchain, Inspira are very advanced in the development of a securities exchange in a tier 1 regulatory environment and financial market centre.

Inspira Venture Capital, headed by John Sears, will work closely with the Inspira and Grow teams to ensure their participation as a lead investor and to bring along a strong supporting group of follow-on investors in the Grow GRST.

Vj Angelo, Chairman and CEO of Inspira Wealth commented: “We are very happy to see this sector of our business plan commence. We believe the GRST will play a strong role in the development of the digital asset market. We are excited to be working with Grow; A company whose quality and strength is a vote of confidence in the GRST and Inspira model.”

Peter Carroll, CEO of Grow said: “The team and I are really excited to embark on the next stage of our journey. As a first-time founder who has spent the last two years building and learning along the way, I’m grateful to be able to lean on the experience of VJ and his team at Inspira.

In the current market where valuations are being squeezed, we have been searching for a fair way to raise capital and expand on our vision. As a revenue generating business, it is important that we not only avoid surrendering equity, but that we can offer investors a simple, clear avenue to share in the company’s future successes. Grow feels that the GRST model offers us a way to achieve all these objectives and more.”

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