Inspira Digital Wealth Club launch Inspira Asset Management Luxembourg and Purchase Flore Capital SA Switzerland


Inspira Digital Wealth Club, formed by the team from LDX, are happy to announce the imminent launch of Inspira Asset Management Luxembourg (Inspira AM).

Inspira AM will launch three funds in the coming days and weeks, centred around real assets and lifestyle investments. Called Brooklands, Solaris and Inspira House, each will provide a unique opportunity to invest in assets providing strong returns and businesses the investors can directly interact with. Each of the funds will focus on asset backed investment without leverage or debt, ensuring a strong base for each fund. Inspira will be making more detailed announcements regarding each fund as they are launched.

As part of the development of Inspira AM, the team have worked with UK firms to allow investment via Self Investment Pension Plans (Sipp) amongst other opportunities. The same work has been carried out via partners in the US allowing accredited investors to invest.

The funds units will be digitised on Near Protocol and traded on a regulated securities exchange, providing investors the opportunity to manage their investments. We chose NEAR because of the speed, understanding of web3 application priorities, ease for onboarding, easy subscriptions, predictable pricing and familiar styles.

The funds will only be open to professional and accredited investors via the Inspira Digital Wealth Club platform. Becoming a member through opens the various opportunities the club oers to members and investors. The portal provides complimentary membership, however, also runs KYC/AML and client accreditation allowing access to the wealth management and investment services.

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Inspira Wealth SA is Associated with the Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) SO-FIT, an Official FINMA-Recognised SRO.