Inspira Announces Next Phase of Growth


Inspira Wealth SA Suisse is proud to announce the appointment of John Sears as CEO of Inspira Venture Capital.

Inspira Venture Capital will soon announce two major strategies for evolving the crypto markets and introduce a new style of investment to the market.

Having founded and developed Moonboots Capital to a large community and strong investment portfolio, John is now keen to help Inspira in its next phase of growth. John has a strong background in the markets which Inspira is keen to invest in and develop. His background in the traditional wealth management field in Geneva only adds strength to his capabilities for the future of Inspira Wealth and Inspira Venture Capital.

As Inspira Venture Capital CEO John will join the main board of Inspira Wealth SA Suisse.

Upon his appointment John commented: “I have been impressed with VJ Angelo’s vision for Inspira Wealth from the outset, his vision aligns with my desire to help transition traditional wealth management into the digital age. Inspira Venture Capital will have the opportunity to support young companies building on Web 3.0 technology with both capital and the experience to provide a robust regulatory framework. I am certain that this will give confidence to investors from a more traditional background looking for exposure to digital Investments.”

VJ Angelo Inspira Group CEO said of Johns new position: “John has a great background and is a fantastic addition to our team. We are very excited to be offering Inspira VC to our members as an additional opportunity to create, grow and manage their wealth. John will soon be making announcements regarding our strategies for the VC.”

About Inspira Wealth: The Inspira Digital Wealth Club provides an innovative range of services and products that improve our members' financial position and quality of life in every way possible by using the latest innovations in renewable and blockchain technologies.

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