Inspira Wealth AG Announce a New Concept in Token Capital Raising – The GRST


Inspira Wealth AG Announce a New Concept in Token Capital Raising and Immediately Raise over £2m.

Inspira Wealth has spent four years developing a new token as one potential solution to the flaws in the Crypto Market. The token is a hybrid Security and Utility, leveraging digital technology to provide issuers and investors with the best of the crypto and security offerings.

The token allows issuers to raise capital in an easy-to-understand manner while avoiding debt and equity dilution, it also provides the investor with a real return without placing strain on the issuer’s finances. The use of Blockchain and Smart Contracts which has been built on NEAR PROTOCOL allows the Inspira Gross Revenue Share Token (GRST) to have multiple facets and be tailored to the requirements of each specific issuer.

The process of capital raising using the GRST has been extensively researched and developed by Inspira and its advisory team. By securitising a percentage of an issuer’s revenue share, the GRST provides a return to investors through a method widely known but never enacted in a commoditised and standardised fashion. The key to making this a highly investible product is the fine details of the security and the way the security is placed with the investors.

The GRST has been developed to meet the regulatory framework of multiple jurisdictions in a way that allows each issuer to manage their capital raise in a compliant way. Investors can provide capital comfortable in the knowledge that a well-researched and developed security will ensure their protection and investment returns.

As part of the development of the GRST, Inspira will provide a secondary market for investors and traders to enter, exit and manage their investments through the Inspira Wealth platform.

As a proof-of-concept Inspira Wealth is in the process of completing its own raise of three million GBP using the GRST. As of today, Inspira have sold 2,213m of the 3m Inspira GRST, valued at £1.00 each. After a successful launch last week where the feedback for the structure and returns proved appealing to both Inspira and its investors in a way that other regulated securities did not, Inspira is aiming to bring a level of confidence back into the market pace.

To help the current stress in the Crypto market Inspira has been engaged with multiple firms and investors educating them on the advantages of using the GRST as a method of raising capital and providing services to their client base.

As part of the wider solution Inspira Venture Capital, run by John Sears, will focus on Revenue Share Token investments as a lead, ensuring the best possible outcome for clients of Inspira Wealth Advisory and investors in Inspira VC.

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