How can I Invest Sustainably?


Sustainable investing, also known as socially responsible or ethical investing, favours investments that improve both our society and the environment. 

In its infancy the concept was restricted to screening any investment thought to have an overtly negative impact, affecting industries such as tobacco or defence. This notion evolved to focus on the positive impact of investments and, in 2005, the UN developed the ESG framework which sought to evaluate the environmental, social and governance factors of any venture, favouring investments that performed well against these markers. The ESG principles have since been widely adopted by companies around the world.

The ESG approach underpins most investments deemed ethical however in recent years there has been claims of companies greenwashing and criticism that some are using ESG purely as a marketing tool.

At Inspira, we wanted to build upon the ESG principles in a meaningful way, developing our own measurable approach and ethos to investment while ensuring sustainability and benefits for our members. 

SEE the impact of your investment 

SEE impact investment is the Inspira approach to sustainable investing. Our SEE model stands for Sustainable, Ethical and Environmental and is applied to every investment we make. Its principles are at the heart of our decision making and help us to lead our clients into investments that provide strong returns as well as seeing a long-term, tangible difference to the world around us.

Inspira Yachts – a sustainable investment opportunity

As one of the most polluting industries on the planet, tourism is a sector under close environmental scrutiny. That said, ecotourism is a rapidly growing off-shoot focussed on responsible travel with a low impact on the environment, while supporting the local people of a particular destination.  

Whilst full scale change to the tourism industry will take time, Inspira Yachts is developing solutions to reduce the carbon and pollution footprint in the nautical industry. This fund will take advantage of a growing market whilst championing new technologies that have a positive impact on the planet.

Solar, wind and hydrogen powered yachts

We’ve partnered with Porrima who have been operating a 100ft experimental vessel running solely on renewables since 2010. Pioneering technology has allowed Porrima to circumnavigate the globe on solar energy harnessed from the sun, wind energy captured by an AI kite and hydrogen generated on board from salt water. Inspira yachts will also be able to target and destroy nano-plastics in open waters thanks to a high temperature vacuum process called pyrolysis - an efficient, low energy solution.

Ecoluxury yachts

We’ve identified an opportunity to supply the high-end tourism market with low carbon-emitting vessels that will provide a unique sailing experience across the Mediterranean, Caribbean and beyond. With no fumes or engine vibrations, Inspira Yachts combine luxury accommodation and entertainment without compromise, allowing those on board to travel with maximum relaxation and minimal environmental impact. You can even enter marine reserves as the yachts run completely silent causing less disturbance to wildlife.

Economical to run and maintain, the yachts offer higher margins, reduced costs and 20%+ return on investment. Using solar energy means we can offer an industry leading 20% APA charge, lowering the overall cost of chartering and running our yachts. This efficiency enables us to sit above any fluctuations in fuel prices, creating a more stable and predictable revenue stream. 

In the future, we aim to become the first charter fleet in the world to offer such sustainable solutions, whilst our ambition to become a manufacturer means we’ll be able to bring our super yachts to the global stage. We estimate that conventional yacht fleets will take at least five years to pivot into these new technologies, allowing our investors to benefit.

Ready to invest in the future? Start with Inspira.

We believe that sustainable investing is the key to successful investing and will play a fundamental role in shaping a better future for our planet and for ourselves. Our bespoke approach to Sustainable, Ethical and Environmental investing, combined with market-leading innovations, means that together we can start to make a difference today. 

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