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Inspira Digital Wealth Club, the world’s first DeFi 2.0 wealth club, is a new and exciting concept that will make digital investment simple, agile, and rewarding. Blending the benefits of a private luxury club with the latest secure investment technology and applying it to asset and wealth management, Inspira is setting itself apart with its unique focus on lifestyle.

The idea stemmed from the team at LDX, Vj Angelo and James Davies, who brought in marketing expert Duncan Bendall and security-focused Ellie Puddle to create an entirely new concept in financial services, wealth management, and lifestyle products. Together they incorporate the knowledge, experience, and methodology of the LDX infrastructure with the added benefits of an array of financial products, combined with a lifestyle club structure. All under the security and convenience of a private secure digital platform.

Inspira stands out. It's unique objective is to not only provide a range of alternative assets oering high yield opportunities such as classic cars, eco-tourism, boutique hotels, and crypto, but to also let members use the assets that the funds invest in.

There are many other benefits for Inspira members as well. Becoming part of a single wealth club will give you access to a range of businesses and products via just one simple onboarding process that can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

Upon becoming a member, you will have access to

  • An interactive dashboard providing a variety of products and services across the financial, technological and lifestyle space
  • Exclusive member access to LDXA’s tailored advisory service
  • Member access to LDCX’s private digital crypto exchange oering a secure way to access digital currency and token markets
  • Utility tokens – LDXI – allowing users to interact with Inspira’s partners, pay for lifestyle products, receive discounts, or \ invest in Inspira funds
  • An exclusive and secure club messaging service

As its name suggests, the approach of the Inspira team has always been to inspire their sta and members’ lifestyles by focusing on ESG / S.E.E. impact investments. This means their actions take into account the Social, Environmental and Ethical impact, which is a vital part of Inspira’s mission so that members can quickly understand Inspira’s holistic approach to investment, incorporating wealth, lifestyle and the environment. In fact, many decisions behind Inspira’s lifestyle products and investment oerings often have an environmental drive, such as geothermal heating projects, solar yachts or the promotion of responsible ecotourism.

So why Inspira and why now?

With over 35 years of financial market experience, CEO Vj Angelo has always sought to focus on the innovative, tech driven side of investment. He left behind the trading floor in 2012 to set up London Derivatives Exchange, and began working on a number of projects before eventually being pulled into the enticing and relatively new world of blockchain in 2018. Alongside co-founder and fin tech expert James Davies, he spent the next few years working on solutions staying at the cutting edge of digital investment and trading.

However, as has been the case for businesses and investors alike these past two years, COVID-19 hit and put stumbling blocks in the way of new ventures. For the team behind LDX, lockdown was a double-edged sword. Whilst a challenging time, it also oered the rare opportunity to step back, take stock and look to the future. With business models disrupted and their global investors unable to continue amidst lockdowns, Duncan Bendall, with a deep knowledge of digital and network marketing, joined the team to bring the LDX ecosystem to life in the form of the Inspira Wealth Club. The final piece of the puzzle was completed when digital security specialist Ellie Puddle joined the team, and from here the first fully integrated Digital Wealth Management solution was born.

The Inspira team is focusing on innovative strategies that will benefit their members. They are aware of how many investment companies are often stuck in the traditional ways of doing business and they are demonstrating that it is not only possible, but exciting, to adapt quickly to new developments.

It is clear that Inspira’s vision is firmly rooted in the future: “We want to revolutionise the way we grow our wealth, how people find their financial security – you don’t need to be rich to access our platform” Says CEO Vj.

With this in mind, and with the hope to bring their vision and technology to new eyes, Inspira also looks to provide a safer step up for new investors, with their specialist associate level membership which oers limited access to their investment products in order to help keep a cap on potential losses for an inexperienced trader. This provides the necessary space to build knowledge and understanding whilst mitigating the risks new investors will face when trying to dive straight into an often complex market.
Ultimately, the Inspira team knows that investors are changing and that we are entering a new era that needs simple, agile, and rewarding solutions. Inspira Digital Wealth Club is the solution that is going to positively impact the way investors think and act with their portfolios, and the team has been working hard over the past 12 months in order to be ready to launch their funds and LDXI to market in early 2022.

Want to sign up? You can register your interest today in the Inspira members-only token sale by visiting: and be the first to hear about the launch date and other Inspira news.

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