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Inspira Wealth Club

Inspira Digital Wealth Club and its partners are developing a global presence for our members, partners and clients.
Inspira Digital Wealth Club

Our aim is to provide an innovative range of services and products that improve the financial position and quality of life of our members in every way possible.

We offer a full range of investment products in digital format, with the added benefits of a lifestyle club. Inspira members have access to our unique lifestyle services and experiences offering the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of their investments both financially and in their day to day lives.

​Our commitment to responsible investing is at the heart of our business. Inspira, in partnership with the Inspira group of companies, has adopted a policy of Sustainable, Ethical and Environmental (S.E.E) investing, to help improve the world we live in through the investment and partnership choices we make.

While our head office is located in Switzerland, we are expanding our global presence and currently have representative offices in the UK, Luxembourg, the US, Indonesia and Japan. Our first clubs and operations will commence in the UK and as pandemic restrictions ease, we will be developing a full presence in these locations and beyond.

We will keep you up to date on our progress in providing the Inspira experience near you.

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Inspira Wealth Team

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Head of Analytics

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Marketing Executive

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Advisory Board

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Inspira Wealth SA is Associated with the Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) SO-FIT, an Official FINMA-Recognised SRO.