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Welcome to Inspira Digital Wealth Club

A first-of-its-kind wealth management and lifestyle club, offering a unique blend of innovative investment opportunities and lifestyle possibilities. hello

We are harnessing the power of digital technology to offer new and exciting ways to invest in traditional assets, as well as access to the fast-growing digital economy.   Our members can also benefit from our exclusive range of lifestyle products and partnerships.

About Us

Our mission is to enhance the financial position and personal wellbeing of our members.

We help you grow, manage and protect your wealth, while also offering members exclusive access to some of the assets we invest in, so you can enjoy the benefits of your investment.

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GRSS – Digital Share Security

The GRSS is a fully tradable Security on the Inspira Security Exchange (ISX) based in Singapore. This allows the GRSS to behave similarly to a listed equity. The value of the GRSS can be easily calculated by monitoring the performance of a company via its gross revenue generation.

As a digital Security, access to the platform is relatively easy with the trading and settlement process rapid and easy to understand.

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A Digital Investment Ecosystem

We have used the very latest digital technology to bring you access to a full range of financial products and services, on one simple convenient platform.

Find out how we can help you grow your wealth and inspire your lifestyle.

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Powered By The Inspira Utility Token

We are creating the world’s first tokenised wealth management club. Our members can use the Inspira utility token to access a range of investment and lifestyle products, as well as member benefits and discounts.

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Our members are at the forefront of our business. We have designed our memberships with investor protection as a key priority and in line with all relevant regulatory requirements.

We offer two levels of membership, depending on investment expertise – our Inspira Member package is aimed at professional/experienced investors, while the Inspira Associate Member option is designed for those with less investing experience.



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Funds To Future-Proof Your Wealth

We have created a diverse range of investment products, managed by a high-calibre team of investment professionals. We offer a unique combination of new and innovative investment products, as well as the opportunity to invest in more traditional assets.

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